Are you ready to enjoy your academic journey more?

I help women academics create more balance and avoid burnout so that they can find more joy and satisfaction in all areas of life.


... you are highly accomplished but still struggle with self-doubt and imposter syndrome.

... you are overwhelmed by a never-ending to-do list, have a hard time saying no, and always feel guilty when you take time off from work.

… you dread going into work—you might even be getting sick from the stress—and only feel happy when you’re on break.

… you feel like your department, school, or area in which you live is not a good fit for your interests, goals, background, and/or belief system.

… you are trying to finish a big project, like a dissertation or a book, but are having a hard time maintaining focus and momentum.

… you’ve realized that you want to do something else with your life but aren’t sure where to start.

… you’re happy where you are, but are looking for fresh new ways to achieve your goals and reconnect to your passions.

If any of these scenarios resonate with you, then coaching change your life!

Burnout runs high for academics who must navigate a sea of murky and ever-increasing expectations. Regardless of rank or position, women academics need more effective, long-term strategies and solutions.

I spent eight years in grad school, two years as a postdoc, and seven years as a tenure-track professor at two different universities—all requiring cross-country moves. My experiences have given me deep insight into the pressures, frustrations, and pleasures of academic life. I know first-hand the challenges of balancing one’s career and social life while also maintaining your mental, emotional, and spiritual well-being.

I became a certified life coach to help give academic women the confidence and tools to make empowered choices and forge their own unique paths to success. My clients welcome big changes. They are open-minded, curious, and committed to the kind of personal growth only possible when you are willing to step outside your comfort zone.

Using playful exercises and visualizations, I will challenge, encourage, and collaborate with you to clarify your vision. We will also identify obstacles in your way and come up with personalized strategies to move you towards your professional and personal goals. As your coach, I’m your partner on this transformative journey. Let’s create the best, most satisfying version of your life!

The first session is free. Book here:

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is life coaching?

Life coaching is a powerful, ongoing relationship of trust that helps you identify and realize your visions and goals. A professional coach provides tools and support to remove obstacles and facilitate deep change.

What are some reasons people hire a coach?

  • to live your life according to your own values and priorities

  • to find balance as a working mom

  • to increase joy, purpose, and motivation

  • to plan a career move

  • to get more organized and manage your time better

  • to deal with limiting beliefs and imposter syndrome

  • to increase your effectiveness as a leader

As your coach, I will:

  • help you determine realistic short and long-term goals

  • hold you accountable for making consistent progress towards these goals

  • work with you to let go of limiting beliefs and get control over your inner critic

  • help you identify and change unhelpful habits and behaviors

  • coach you to overcome internal and external challenges

  • support and encourage you at every stage

  • help you implement self-care practices to ensure your long-term success

What can I expect from coaching?:

A coaching package includes six 50-minute-long sessions that take place every other week by phone, Skype, or Zoom over the course of 3-4 months.

The focus of the first session will be on getting to know you and your core values. In subsequent sessions we will explore your internal blocks, envision your ideal future, make friends with your inner critic, and set action steps for you to achieve your goals.

During our final session, we’ll review your progress and celebrate your successes. We will integrate all of the lessons you’ve learned along the way so that you can maintain momentum moving forward.

Is coaching the same as therapy?:

No, coaching is not therapy. Coaching focuses on strategic planning and personal growth and does not attempt to diagnose mental health issues. Coaches regularly refer clients to other professionals for issues that are better suited for a therapeutic relationship.

What are your rates?:

My rates are on a sliding scale determined by your rank. Universities and institutions often provide professional development funds that can be used to pay for coaching.

Grad students: $75/session

Postdocs/full-time lecturers: $85/session

Tenure-track faculty: $100-150 depending on rank

How do I get started?:

It’s easy. Book a free consultation call using the link below, and we’ll talk about whether coaching is right for you. If we decide to move forward, I’ll send you some self-assessment and planning tools. Your journey will begin from there!

Schedule a free consultation call at: Or, for more information, contact me at